The Portal To Fantasy is a vibrant and dynamic ever-growing group of fantasy authors dedicated to bringing the best deals to their list of readers. Focused on epic and high fantasy, we are the Game of Thrones-esque base for your books! Would you like to join us? Each member is guaranteed newsletter slots in our fantasy-only list and access to cross-promotion opportunities.

We accept traditionally published as well as self-published authors from all markets, and we ask that all member applicants: a) have at least five full length fantasy novels published (outside of paranormal romance or urban fantasy, as there are other marketing avenues for those genres), b) contribute a skill (working members get a discount on monthly dues), and c) pay a monthly membership fee. With that said, we’re a lot of fun with 14 authors and growing!

Ready? Let’s go!

Send an email to Anthea at the address or fill out the following form with the information below:

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